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Relief Society Enrichment Meetings

Through Enrichment Meetings, we help women and their families come unto Christ. In all of our planning, we ask ourselves: What do our sisters need to know to make life better for themselves and their families? Planning begins with the Church's excellent Guidelines for Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meeting. The Fall 2002 General Relief Society President Message on Enrichment is also excellent! The resources on this page are intended to supplement these official publications. You may wish to begin by browsing our archive of past meetings. The templates for all of these materials were created by my sister, Allison Holsinger Bryan. She passed them on to me when I was called to work with Enrichment, and I loved all of them! Happy planning to you!

WE WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! We are compiling our best ideas into a book, and we would love to know if you have been able to use any of the ideas from this site. What has worked? What hasn't? How have you adapted it? What do you wish were here that isn't? We invite you to send any thoughts on Enrichment to enrichment@mcphie.org. Many thanks!

Planning Documents

Suggested Topics and Materials

Full Year of Ideas for Enrichment

The Guidelines for Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meeting read, "Each home, family, and personal enrichment meeting focuses on a particular topic or gospel principle. Ten suggested topics are provided on the Church’s Web site at www.lds.org [and in the Ensign]. These topics are intended for long-term use and may be adapted to meet local needs. After prayerfully considering the needs and interests of the sisters in the ward, the ward Relief Society presidency, with the approval of the bishopric, chooses two additional monthly topics and determines the order for presenting the twelve monthly topics during the year."

Enrichment Survey

The 60- to 90-minute activity segment of enrichment meeting consists of miniclasses or service activities that relate to the spiritual topic. This survey includes all of the suggestions for miniclasses which are included with the ten suggested topics in the Guidelines for Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meeting, as well as other miniclass ideas corresponding to those topics. We gave one to every woman in the ward. Although it does take some friendly reminding to get them back, they not only highlight which miniclasses and activities will be most relevant and meaningful for the sisters, but they are also extremely helpful in planning ahead for who might be willing/able to teach certain topics during the year. "Leaders should be certain that the miniclasses adhere to the topic and teach skills—including homemaking arts—that will help bring love, harmony, spirituality, security, and stability into the home. A variety of classes or approaches should be offered to meet the needs and interests of all sisters. . . . When applicable, make certain these meetings include classes that help develop skills in parenting and family relations."

  • Enrichment Survey as a PDF or in Word

Miniclass Planning Guide

This guide can be given to each miniclass teacher when she is invited to teach (generally three to four weeks before the enrichment meeting). On the back, you may want to print a list of Ensign articles that correspond with the given topic.

  • Miniclass Planning Guide as a PDF or in Word
  • Ensign Articles as a PDF or in Word

Responsibility Checklist

This is just for my own benefit so I know I'm remembering everything each month. It started as a simple checklist and then became more detailed. It needs some revision and obvious adapting to individual wards, but something similar could be helpful for you.

  • Simple Checklist as a PDF or in Word
  • Detailed Checklist as a PDF or in Word

Committee Letter

Our energetic enrichment committee, led by the inspired and inspiring April Perry, came up with some terrific ideas during the year: advertising door prizes to encourage punctuality (only sisters who came on time got to enter their names in the drawing!), sending out email reminders to the sisters in the ward in the form of greeting cards from www.mormon.org, and encouraging the sisters to pass along the invitations they received in Relief Society to their neighbor friends, to name a few. Our publicity plan was to hand out a rather newsy, informative one-page publicity flyer two Sundays before enrichment. The publicity flyer was designed to get the sisters excited about the upcoming meeting, and also made so that it could easily be folded in half, addressed, and dropped in the mail to any sisters who weren’t in Relief Society on Sunday. Then on the Sunday before enrichment, we gave out an invitation. And then a day or two before enrichment, we sent out a reminder email or made reminder phone calls. We also used these hints for getting started and this blank grid.

  • Committee Letter as a PDF or in Word

Archive of Past Meetings