Marriage and Family Relations

Ideas for miniclass subjects include The Family: A Proclamation to the World; family home evening, family prayer, and scripture study; and parenting skills.

2002 Meeting

We made fancy valentines for our invitations!

2003 Meeting

We used family paper doll chains for our invitations!

Sample Miniclasses

Boston’s Social Scene: Fun Things to Do Around Town — Paris may be the “City of Love,” but Boston has its share of romantic restaurants and cobble -stoned strolls, as well as must-see museums and fabulously fun things to do. Need a few personal recommendations? Our resident socialite will fill us in on all the best places to go.

Family Home Evening Inspiration for Everyone — How about some new ideas to liven up your Family Nights? Come gather inspiration for single individuals, couples, and families with children, and create magical memories next Monday night.

Parenting Skills — When we asked Diane to favor us with a session on parenting and discipline, we told her (by way of background) that most of the mothers in the class would have young children. Her response was telling: “It’s all the same. If they know you mean it when they’re toddlers, they will know you mean it when they’re teenagers!” Come learn what works (and what doesn’t) from those who have gone before. You and your little ones will be glad you did!

Marriage Improvement — Join us for a hearty discussion on smart, simple ways to improve your marriage.

Three Cheers for Moms! How to Find Nobility in Motherhood — Being a mother is the most sacred, important, rewarding experience that the Lord has given to women. So why is it that we sometimes feel discouraged, unappreciated, exhausted or frustrated with the repetitiveness of our work and the constant demands placed upon us? Come join a heartfelt discussion with other moms and share inspirational ideas and teachings from the prophets that remind you why you're a mother and why you wouldn't choose anything else!

The Proclamation: A Guide to Building a Celestial Home — “Only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness," the Bible Dictionary tells us. Even when our homes aren't clutterfree or full of peace all of the time, we can learn how to recognize the sacred nature of our tiny apartments and work toward making them heaven on earth.

Planning for Success — It has been said that “Behind every successful man is a surprised woman”! But I think that behind every successful man is a thoughtful and organized woman! Whether you are planning an elegant business dinner for your husbands work associates, a neighborhood social, a vacation with the family or a romantic night out for two, this workshop will teach you that with a little thought and effort you can make any gathering a successful event!

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