Physical and Emotional Health

Ideas for miniclass subjects include exercise and nutrtition; stress management and recreation; and feeling gratitude and recogniziang the Lord's blessings. Miniclasses that help develop skills in parenting and family relations should also be included.

For our invitation, we listed the miniclasses and teachers on labels, which we then attached to small bottled waters.

Sample Miniclasses

Heart Smart Fitness: What, Why & How — We all know that exercise is good, but learning exactly why and how make doing it so much easier! Fitness guru Tara will teach us the benefits of combining exercise with heart rate monitoring, as well as how heart rate training can improve our fitness levels and help us shed the stubborn pounds. Also included will be specific recommendations for prenatal exercise.

If We Can Laugh at It, We Can Live with It — Humor helps and humor heals. Many studies link laughter with better physical and mental health, confirming the scripture, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” (Proverbs 17.22). Join this discussion, led by Katy, of how we can get (and keep!) a sense of humor, allowing us to view our lives in a more positive light, deal with personal conflicts, and cope with frustrations that might otherwise overwhelm us. As we are told in Ecclesiastes, there is “a time to laugh” (Eccl.3:4).

Sunny Side Up! Raising Happy, Confident Children — Among the greatest gifts a parent can give a child are the capacity for happiness, and the confidence to cope with life’s challenges. Happy children share certain characteristics, including high self-esteem, optimism, resilience, and a sense of control. Marilyn will lead us in looking at ways to encourage the development of these traits, and help our children walk on the sunny side of the street.

Being Our Best: Learning to Manage Stress — In moments of self-reflection, we all aspire to be lovely, poised, gracious, unstressed and unflappable in any and every situation, but stress management in day-to-day life can be a real challenge. Mary Ann will talk about learning the skills and taking the time to de-stress ourselves, overcome discouragement, and be the very best we can be!

Nutritious Habits — Get jazzed about healthy eating—both for yourself and for your family—with refreshing and fun ideas from dietician Carey. Reexamine your approach to shopping, snacking, meal planning, and meal prep. Packed with information to inspire, her presentation will help you stick to your resolve to eat better because you know it will make you feel so much better!

Stretching and Strengthening — This will be a “do it” class, so dress comfortably in something you can move in, and bring a yoga mat or towel, if you wish. Dancer Jill will help us become aware of what’s going on in our bodies, focusing on how we can strengthen our abs and back. She will teach us what we can do at home in just ten or fifteen minutes a day that will help us prevent major mishaps.

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