Ideas for miniclass subjects include home storage and emergency preparedness; education and resource management; and health and hygiene. Miniclasses that help develop skills in parenting and family relations should also be included.

The best resource for this meeting is, of course, This fabulous site (an official Church web page) even has recipes for using food storage. A fun idea for refreshments is to serve treats made from those recipes.

For our invitation, we used bags of granola with two cards attached. One card was the recipe (highlighting oatmeal from our food storage). The other card was the invitation (date, time, place, list of miniclasses).

Sample Miniclasses

Where Does All The Money Go? — Debt, no matter how attractively packaged, is a huge trap for many, and a significant factor in the breakup of marriages. If we do not manage our resources wisely, our poor habits will eventually rob us not only of our money, but also of our time, health, family security, and peace of mind. It is not the amount of money an individual earns that brings peace of mind as much as it is having control of that money. Karen will teach us constant and fundamental principles which, if followed, will bring financial security and peace of mind under any economic circumstances.

Food Storage Essentials — No money to buy food storage? No space to store it? No clue where to get it? No idea what to get? Using the January 2002 food storage guidelines from the First Presidency, Rachel will make it simple. She will cover what to buy, how much it will cost, and where to get it (including what is available at our local cannery and directions for getting there)! For those who have already started their food storage, she will provide instruction on using your food storage in current meal planning. She has given this class twice already, and you won’t be able to hear it without being motivated to go and do!

“And five of them were wise. . . ” (Matthew 25:1-13) We have been repeatedly encouraged to prepare for emergencies, and our wonderful provident living specialist, Katy, will help us do just that as we make 72 Hour Kits! If you preordered materials, please bring a backpack (a simple school bag will do) or some other container to take home your goods. Even if you didn’t order materials, you will still benefit from learning the basics of personal and family preparedness.

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