Ideas for miniclass subjects include service to family and neighbors; serving in the Church; and community service projects. Miniclasses that help develop skills in parenting and family relations should also be included.

If you are looking for a terrific service project, check out the Service Project Guidelines for Humanitarian Aid Kits available the official LDS Humanitarian Services Giving Site! These guidelines include specifications for hygiene kits, newborn kits, school kits, quilts, and more. The final links on that page take you to patterns for fleece scarves, pressure bandages, baby booties, toy balls, bears, and the like. Also included, of course, is the address to which you can ship or deliver the completed items. The Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center will then distribute the items to needy people throughout the world.

Sample Miniclasses

Happiness at Home: Serving and Loving Our Own Family Members We need not look far to find opportunities to lose ourselves in service. Join this lively discussion of smart, simple ways you can be a better family member to those closest to you, and go home with fresh ideas for gladdening the hearts and putting smiles on the faces of those dearest to you!

Church Service: What It Means to Magnify Our Calling “When we magnify our callings, we honor God,” taught President John Taylor. What does that mean for you in your current responsibility? Come be inspired to magnify your calling, whatever it may be, and catch a vision of going that “second mile.”

Community Service Opportunities All Around Us Come be motivated to look beyond yourself, discovering new ways to serve friends and neighbors, schools and communities. This hearty discussion will focus on Cambridge’s special needs, giving particular emphasis to the homeless problem. Service is what our society is all about, so don’t just be good—be good for something!

“Thanks, Mom!” Teaching Children Gratitude and Generosity An attitude of gratitude makes life infinitely brighter and happier. And good ideas for cultivating such an outlook abound (doesn’t Oprah recommend keeping a gratitude journal?). But just because those ideas are out there, doesn’t mean that following them is easy. Join this thoughtful class on the challenging task of instilling in our children the virtues of gratitude, generosity and a desire to serve others.

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