Spiritual Development

Ideas for miniclass subjects include temple worship, personal prayer and scripture study, and Sabbath day oberservance. Miniclasses that help develop skills in parenting and family relations should also be included.

Our Stake Presidency asked that we focus our evening on improving our Sabbath Day worship and increasing the spirituality of our Sacrament Meetings. For our invitation, we cut out paper churches. The chapel doors of the paper cut-outs opened to show the Enrichment meeting details underneath (i.e., date, time, place, list of miniclasses).

Sample Miniclasses

Giving a Great Sacrament Meeting Talk — We are each asked to give Sacrament Meeting talks at times, and we want to share the messages that the Lord wants to have shared to that particular congregation of his children on that particular day. Learn how to invite the Spirit into your preparation of talks, and get practical advice on making your talk spiritually uplifting and inspiring, informative, personal, entertaining, and valuable to those who hear it. We may also discuss what topics are appropriate and inappropriate to talk about in Sacrament Meeting, and suggestions for presenting talks in ways that will help the congregation stay awake!

Making the Most of Sacrament Meeting — Our Stake Presidency has asked us to make our Sacrament meetings “the spiritual flagship of our community of Saints.” In a recent letter, they explained, “We believe that the Lord would like every Sacrament meeting to be of the type that we can without hesitancy invite a friend or inactive to attend with us, knowing that the messages will be the simple gospel truths taught by the Savior and supported by the scriptures, personal experiences and testimonies. . . . As we are assured that each and every meeting meets these high standards, we will feel more comfortable in inviting friends and inactives to join us.” This training session will help us meet the “high standards” our Stake Presidency has set for our worship services by teaching us to focus every aspect of our worship service on the Savior, and it will prepare us to invite our friends to share in our services, as well. We will learn the finer social graces involved in inviting friends to Church, including mastering the non-Mormon jargon for church terminology, and role-playing situations that we might encounter in connection with inviting friends to church.

Helping Our Children Love Sacrament Meeting — Parents are challenged to help their children get reverently involved in Sacrament Meeting, so that Sunday can be the best day of the week! A cadre of experienced parents will share their best methods of keeping little ones quiet and happy, addressing everything from the use of food in Sacrament Meeting (or not), to strategic seating near the exits, to asking other members for help with the children, to preparing quiet activities in advance. Other parents will share their strategies for helping older children listen attentively to the talks. In addition to sharing ideas on reverence, this class will include suggestions for preparing our children during the week to appreciate and understand the blessing of partaking of the Sacrament, the blessing of looking our Sunday best, the blessing of singing the hymns of the Restoration, and the blessing of praying with the Saints. As our children enjoy their Sabbath worship experiences, the Spirit of the Lord will increase within our meetings, and both we and our neighbor friends will feel this.

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