Strengthening Relationships

Ideas for miniclass subjects include communication and resolving conflicts; repentance and forgiveness; and effective leadership. Miniclasses that help develop skills in parenting and family relations should also be included.

Sample Miniclass

Communication and Resolving Conflicts Communication and resolving conflicts is about caring as much about the other person as we do about ourselves. But getting the other person to care as much about us as they do about themselves isn't all that easy. As they say, "you can't change the other person, you can only change yourself." And changing yourself isn't all that easy either. So, is it hopeless? Are we stuck with whatever we've got, in ourselves and in the other person? The workshop will cover in depth the one and only one secret to the success of all human relationships. You think it's love? Nope: you can get along quite well with anyone if you know this secret--whether you love them or not. But that secret becomes very precious when we use it within families.

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